Main Dishes

There’s one thing to know about Panamanian main dishes- meat is commonplace. From beef to chicken to pork, Panamanian cuisine offers something for everyone! Some of the more well-known dishes include Sancocho (chicken stew) and Ropa Vieja (shredded beef). Know something we don’t?


Top Panamanian Recipes Wiki main dishes:

  1. Sancocho
  2. Spanish Chicken
  3. Perry Bay Stew
  4. Arroz con Pollo
  5. Empanadas

More mouthwatering main dishes listed below...

  • SancochoGo to Sancocho
  • Spanish ChickenGo to Spanish Chicken
  • Perry Bay StewGo to Perry Bay Stew
  • Arroz con PolloGo to Arroz con Pollo
  • EmpanadasGo to Empanadas

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